Rowan Simons

Rowan is a British entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the PRC media and sports sectors. From his eyewitness reports in 1989 to commissioning China's first music video and studio talk shows for BTV in 1993 and from negotiating the BBC's first full co-production with CCTV to advising on the 2008 Olympics and bringing the Premier League to Beijing, Rowan has played a key role in opening the Chinese media and sports industries since the start.
Rowan is the Founding Partner at CMM-I which started with his China-based contributions to media business journals such as Television Week in the late 1980s. He helped China establish international industry exchanges with the Shanghai TV Festival and Sichuan TV Festival through the 1990s, editing the first global China supplement for TV World, organizing the EU's first annual trade visits and launching the Beijing TV Week as the PRC's third official TV import fair.
In , Rowan accepted the part-time position of President, Greater China for Guinness World Records, taking responsibility for one of the world's best known brands in its most challenging market. Following CMM-I's provision of hothouse services, China is now GWR's fastest growing region and GWR China Nights continues to be the top-rated TV show in China at its prime time Spring Festival slot on CCTV-1.
As a CMM-I Partner, Rowan continues to represent the company and advises on key consultancy and event accounts.